Transactional Funding Process




Investor/Buyer B signs agreement to buy property from Seller A for $100,000.


Clear and transparent process

Buyer C signs an agreement to purchase the property from Investor B for $120,000, closing on the same day Investor B is buying from Seller A.


Support from Our Staff

The closing agent confirms that they have received Buyer C’s funds for C’s purchase from Investor B. Closing agent gives the transactional funding approval.


Funds approved for B’s purchase.

Investor B uses funds to buy property from Seller A. On the same day, investor B sells the property to Buyer C.


Investor B gets profit

Investor B pays back transactional funding from tha sale and keeps the remaining money as profit.


Transactional Funding Explained


Want to get a same day real estate funding?

This type of funding is well known in real estate and investment circles. Transactional funding allows investors to make real estate deals quickly by relying on money provided by a funding partner. The investor (B) uses the money when they close with the seller (A) and then later in that same day sell to the end-buyer (C). Our process is fast and efficient. Use our experience for you to close more deals and make more profit.

Qualifications for funding

  • No credit report required
  • No down payment required
  • Acceptable closing agent
  • Must have an end buyer to complete transaction

Transactional Funding and Double Closing Hallandale Beach

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