Double Closing Real Estate Miami

Double Closing Real Estate Miami

Double Closing Wholesaling


here are limitations however, which includes limitations on how funds can be used. For example, end buyers can no longer use the money used by the buyer to purchase the stated property from the official seller.

Not all Title companies are qualified to do double closings. The task requires skilled timing with a lot of moving procedures that govern the transaction. The Title company has to be investor friendly and seasoned in the process of the double closing in order for the process to go smoothly. Most title companies don't know what to do and how to do it, however, Quick Transactional Funding have done many complicated double closings. You can be assured that your transaction will go quickly and complete with result you need.

Real Investors utilize double closings because it is a very intelligent and creative way to complete and make profits from great deals. If your wholesaling distressed real estate or building a porfolio of passive income properties it is really the way to go. You have found a dependable partner in Quick Transactional Funding which will get the project done for you. Call them today.

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The National Association of Real Estate Brokers

The National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB) is a trade organization and network of Black real estate professionals known for promoting “democracy in housing” and advocating for public policies that “protect and expand sustainable homeownership.”

The organization’s members, who go by the title of Realtist, are spread throughout chapters across the United States. NAREB’s Realtist membership includes real estate brokers as well as professionals from other disciplines within the real estate industry such as mortgage brokers and appraisers.

“NAREB is the premier network of Black Real Estate Professionals,” NAREB President Lydia Pope said. “Our purpose is to enhance the professional and business conditions of NAREB Realtist members by strengthening the consumer capacity of Black, minority, and emerging target market segments that our Realtists serve.”

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